Websites For Realtors®



Yes! You can use any domain name with our websites. We will help you set its settings correctly.

Yes! We can point as many domain names as you want to your site. One will be the “primary” domain, and the others will forward to it.

We can cover any area – if you are in an area that we haven’t connected to via MLS feed yet, you may be eligible for a free website! Please contact us to find out more.

Each of our websites is designed to encourage interaction. Ways that you can get their info include: 

  • “Ask a Question” button on property listings.
  • “Schedule a Viewing” button on property listings.
  • “Get My Property’s Value” lead form.
  • “Get Pre-Qualified” form.
  • and of course the regular contact form on each website.

Your website is already designed and ready to use when you sign up! You just need to log in and make any changes that you would like – uploading your photo and logo for example.

Yes! Our templates are highly customizable.

All of our designs let you customize them to match your branding. In general, all of our designs have the ability for the backgrounds, slideshow photos, logos, agent photos, menus, videos, and links to be changed. You can also add as many pages, photos, and videos as you would like.

Yes! Our websites are perfect for brokerages, teams, or agents.

Visit our features list here to learn about what is included with our websites.

LIMITED TIME PRICING: $1 to start, then $35 per month on the 1st of each month thereafter.

Your website is ready instantly when you sign up. It may take a few days to get MLS data into the site, depending on your MLS’s process.

Yes! They work beautifully on all mobile devices.

Yes! Our websites have an amazing team roster section that allows you to list the agents in your company or team.

No, we do not provide email services, just websites.